For more than a decade, Double Yielders has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution. It is the world’s leading social trading network, with millions of registered users and an array of innovative trading and investment tools. At Double Yielders, we have been continuously transforming the traditional money management industry, in order to open the financial markets to everyone, everywhere.

We take great pride in the fact that we have been around since the earliest days of the Fintech Revolution. Whether by introducing new and exciting ways to trade and invest online or by inventing cutting-edge financial products – we are, and always will be, innovators and disruptors in the Fintech space.e in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eurtclo mertiso mortaccio della troia fugiat nulla paratiro.


Double Yielders Born

Our goal when we first began out was to make trading and investing available to everyone, anywhere, and to lessen reliance on conventional financial institutions.


Visual FX trading platform

Double Yielders's initial version: An internet trading platform that makes trading simple to grasp


WebTrader & Investment

Launched by Double Yielders, this cutting-edge, user-friendly platform for investing allows anyone, anywhere to make online financial investments.


Introducing CopyPortfolios (formerly known as CopyFunds)

an innovative long-term theme investment product. CopyPortfolios are professionally managed portfolios that combine Top Traders or a variety of assets according to a predetermined market strategy.


Adding Cryptocurrencies Investment

Double Yielders increased their cryptocurrency service after setting the precedent for Bitcoin trading via CFDs in 2013, allowing clients to trade and invest in Ethereum, XRP (by Ripple Labs), Litecoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.


US cryptocurrency trading platform

Phase 1 of Double Yielders's service of the US market has started. Introducing our exclusive cryptocurrency product to US customers is just the beginning! Watch this space for more.

A large selection of stocks was added to Double Yielders along with commodities, currencies, and other assets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios even further and by investing in the international stock market. This collection of stocks is constantly expanding.

  • What Are The Fees For Trading With Leverage?

    Overnight fees (also called rollover fees) are calculated using unified equations and will appear in the trade popup window before you set your order.

  • Be part of something BIG!

    Promote the World’s Leading investment network. Partner up with us and our online community.

  • Responsible Trading Policy

    Investment plans are made for you to follow and avoid being broke on a long run

  • Portfolio diversity

    Due to the increase of our client base, we are implimenting our MT4 and Trading platform

  • Customer Service Center

    Search for answers to your questions in the knowledge base and submit questions and feedback directly to our team

  • Profitable Weeks

    Shows what percentage of weeks, since this user started trading with Double Yielders, have been profitable. A high Profitable Weeks rate shows consistency over time

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    Robert Junior

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